Rough Diamonds

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Rough diamonds are the unpolished diamonds. Since the value and natural beauty of diamonds is not unknown to people for which they are revered for. Rough Diamond is mostly used for raw and antique jewellery. Using rough diamonds in jewellery nowadays is growing trend.

Rough diamonds have high clarity, high value, mine fresh, considered as 100% natural diamond. Ready to set in a jewellery of your choice, it is possible to mount them without polishing. Our rough diamonds are hand-picked to ensure the smoothest surfaces and finest brilliance. The perfect tetra hexahedral shape promises a high weight retention and extra brilliance if cut and polished.

Uncut and rough diamonds are available in a number of shapes and sizes, so that the customer has a wide range of options available to him. No matter what, the work of extracting diamonds keeps on going throughout the year.

Hence to obtain the diamonds of such quality and cut, the base that is the origin needs to be of high quality. So such quality is ensured by our company to bring out the pure shining product as one expects from them. The superior and defined quality of rough diamonds has confirmed happy buyers from our past experience.

Gold Deep Mining offers finest Rough Diamonds and one of the best quality with affordable and best prices. We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporters in Rough Diamonds. We do not compromise in quality, hence, provides you with the best Rough Diamonds. Rough Diamonds for sale here with 100% natural beauty.

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